Although Marchwood Airedales is now located in South Carolina that is not where this all began. Both my husband and I are originally from Wisconsin and that is where my love for the Airedale Terrier began over 30 years ago.
I began as an apprentice in the well-established Huntwood Kennel. As all "newcomers" to a dog kennel that groomed, showed in all breed conformation and kenneled dogs while families were away, my first responsibilities were feeding, cleaning and exercising the clients' dogs.
Very soon after, I graduated to hand stripping terriers with my first task being that of "raking" and, I also began to present dogs in the conformation ring at AKC sanctioned dog shows.
My husband and I had visited South Carolina and were impressed with the landscape and weather. After many discussions, with three very young children, we made our decision and relocated to South Carolina. For the next few years while overseeing my young children, I continued to groom and compete my Airedale Terrier bloodlines. In addition, we built our own pet grooming and kenneling facility known as "The Pet Spa".
As my childeren grew, I made a concious decision to stop breeding and showing my Airedale Terrier bloodlines and dedicated myself to my childerens' education which included home schooling. This was a very rewarding period in our lives.
In 2013, my youngest was a sophomore in high school and I decided to reintroduce myself to the breed I love. I brought home a young female Airedale Terrier, Cully, to be part of our family. What I found truly rewarding was Cully’s bloodline went back to my Airedale line from year's past.
In 2014, Cully presented us with her first litter of 6 beautiful puppies. One of her daughters, Phoebe, has already earned her AKC championship and Cully herself is now an AKC champion. Our goal is to continue this success with our Airedale Terrier line and provide healthy, happy, good natured puppies and adults and, continue our success in conformation competition.
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Marchwood Airedales
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