CH Huntwood's Wildest Keepsake of Tobylinn
"Pink Puppy"
DOB: November 14, 2011
Breeder(s): Janis Linn, S.Kipp,S.Kipp
Owner(s): Jeanne Johnson, Marchwood Airedales
CHIC#: 128809
OFA: AT-5361G27F-Good
Elbows: AT-EL395F55-VPI-Normal
Cardiac: AT-CA70/53F/C-VPI-Normal
Eyes: AT-EYE30/50F-VPI-Normal
DNA: V674432

Best Puppy in Sweeps - 2012
AKC Champion - April, 2016

2012 - Huntwood Kennel (Scott, Susan, Dylan & Devon Kipp)
2013 - present: Jeanne Johnson, Marchwood Airedales
Litter One: June 10, 2014 - 6 (5 females/1 male)
Litter Two: October 22, 2016 - 10 (4 females/6 males)
Litter Three: April 5, 2019 - 6 (3 females/3 males)
Titled Progeny:
CH Marchwood's Keeping Order of Tobylinn (Phoebe)
CH Marchwood's Solid Orange of Tobylinn (Tilly)
CULLY is known for her wonderful temperament, correctness to the standard, beautiful head and neck and, exceptional coat and color.  Her elegance of movement is evident in the ring.  Cully has past these wonderful assets on to her off spring.
GCHB Marchwood's Statesman (Shady)
Marchwood Airedales
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